Dr. Yalcin Hacioglu, Cardiologist, Discusses Venous Insufficiency

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Dr. Yalcin HaciogluCardiologist, joined Good Morning Arkansas to talk about a painful but easily treated condition that causes leg pain, venous insufficiency.

What is Venous Insufficiency?
A condition that primarily effects the veins in the legs where this a problem with circulation of blood back from the legs to the heart. When the valves in the veins fail, the blood is not able to flow back to the heart. If the majority of the valves are effected, then was have a condition called insufficiency. 

Some of the symptoms may be varicose veins, cramping and swelling all the way to severe symptoms that include open sores. Up to one third of adults have some form of venous insufficiency. 

Who is at risk for getting Venous Insufficiency?
A lot of risk factors are involved. Age is number one and the female population is more at risk. Also obesity poses a higher risk for venous insufficiency. Family history can also influence your risk. Occupations that require long periods of standing put people at a higher risk for venous insufficiency. 

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