Little Rock DJ Learns to Listen

She is Sonta Jean, the KOKY Queen, known for her energy and love of what she does. Except for a moment five years ago when napping before her regular Thursday night gig at a club.

"All of a sudden the worst headache ever in my life," she said. She goes to the ER and tells them it's a spider bite. And they treat it and send her home. But once there, they realized she was having an aneurysm.

Dr. Ali Krisht, neurosurgeon, CHI St. Vincent Arkansas Neuroscience Institute, knew he had to operate immediately, "Once they bleed half of the patients either don't make it or are in very bad shape," Krisht said. "If you don't have your tickets be sure to get them"

Sonta Jean had a ticket she didn't want. "You know when you win, you win big, but when you lose you lose big," Jean said.

Sonta Jean won big, the CHI St Vincent team took care of the first aneurysm in June but in November sealed another. "The safety is almost 99 percent," Krisht said.

Five years later, listeners know she's back in the groove. But off-air she has a point to make. "Listen to your body, know your history," she said. "You don't get too busy to listen to your body."

And of all the artists she features on air, she knows her favorite group. "It wasn't just one doctor it was a few doctors but they all cared," she said. "And they all made sure I was OK. They saved my life and I couldn't be any more thankful."

Dr. Krisht told us that smoking and family history are two major factors with brain aneurysms. And if you've recently had the headache to end all headaches or one that affected your balance or made you queasy, call your doctor.

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