High School Athlete Seeks Help to Walk On

As seen on THV 11

Before Brooks Walton begins workouts, his trainer takes a knee. A slight ACL tear last season bears monitoring. Injuries can shatter dreams if they're not taken care of immediately. Brooks' dream is to walk-on at Auburn University this fall. And if he's going to take a leap from PA to the SEC, he's got to be of sound body.

"I know that I need to be ready," Brooks said. "I need to be stronger, faster and even more flexible." It's the job of Josh Landers, doctor of physical therapy and the staff at D1 to help Brooks reach the goal sensibly. "Push yourself in a healthy manner, in a controlled manner," Landers said. "You get more flexible every day. You get stronger, and all the little muscles you don't think about all of a sudden your body's just that much more strong," Brooks said. "And it can withstand just about anything."

Working out and listening to your body to stay injury-free.

"The mindset of the western world is let's treat it after it happens," Landers said. "And so it's really refreshing you have CHI St. Vincent Infirmary with the mindset, 'hey let's prevent it before it happens.'"

And that sentiment is right out of the Wear the Gown playbook. It's a philosophy that has also taken hold of this college freshman. Four tough workouts a week for Auburn and beyond.

"That way if I keep a work ethic going," Brooks said. "I'll be stronger. And I'll be workin' out and keep my body in a good position to be for the rest of my life really."

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