Colonoscopy Catches Cancer Early

As seen on KLRT TV

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer. It's unfortunate that some people shy away from getting screened because to them a colonoscopy seems uncomfortable. As you're about to see, colon cancer is the easiest cancer to diagnose, and is easy to treat. But doctors at CHI St. Vincent say it's best to catch it early.

Jason Roesner and his wife Kara say their three children are their lives. But two years ago, Jason's father was diagnosed with colon cancer. "His father had it, and his father had it-- so it was a pretty strong hereditary trait in our family," says Jason. 

So even though he had no symptoms at 36-years-old Jason went to CHI St. Vincent for screening, otherwise known as a colonoscopy. Dr. Taylor Baber is Jason's Gastroenterologist."We found several polyps which actually contained colon cancer," says Dr. Tyler Baber. "It was more of a shock than what I was anticipating," says Jason. 

"In a few cases we find the cancer early enough that we can remove it during the colonoscopy and avoid any type of operation that would require cutting the patients open," says Dr. Baber. Because of that, no down time. No chemotherapy or radiation, and Jason never missed an opportunity to play catch with his two boys. 

However, since they did find cancer, he'll have to get colonoscopies indefinitely. "How do you feel about knowing you have to come back year after year to get checked?"

"I'm very blessed to have this opportunity to know that something that can be treated, I'm able to do so," says Jason. There are so many things in life that are out of our control, but not colon cancer. Regardless of his family history, Jason believes with his doctor's help he can control it. Jason is proof colon cancer is the most treatable cancer when it's caught early. But Dr. Baber said, if you're having symptoms of colon cancer, don't put it off. Get screened right away. The sooner the better. 

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