Colonoscopy Provides Peace of Mind

As seen on KTHV 11

Two women, both very efficient in their jobs. Their low key, moderate temperament masks the life and death situation they found themselves in. And their meeting provides a learning opportunity for us all.

The first woman is Dr. Neelima Rao, a Gastroenterologist with CHI St. Vincent Gastroenterology Clinic. The second woman is Janene Sanders, area manager for Walmart Distribution. They met because of a regular visit, Janene's primary care physician saw her age on the chart and asked if she'd recently had a colonoscopy.

“I said no, and since I was doing my wellness checkup at that time, they suggested I go for one,” Sanders said. Janene scheduled the colonoscopy expecting nothing. But not this time. Janene's procedure revealed a pre-cancerous polyp that was 10 times larger than what's acceptable. “Well it was a big shock considering I really didn't have any symptoms to make me think that there was anything wrong,” Sanders said.

“I would say more than 95 percent of the patients will have zero symptoms,” Dr. Rao said.

As if that wasn't enough, Janene got an even bigger jolt when Dr. Rao looked to schedule the surgery. “She said I need to put you in the first available appointment that was even more shocking because that meant ASAP.”

The ASAP surgery was successful. Janene is still recovering and getting follow up care.

She was even well enough to celebrate another birthday over the weekend. It may not have happened without wearing the gown.

“Take the time, get the checkup…do the right thing.”

Doctors recommend the first colonoscopy at around age 45.

After you get that procedure, if everything is normal, you won't need another one for 10 years.

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