KTHV Announces the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute Expansion

As seen on KTHV

Arkansas Neuroscience Institute is moving to our North campus in the Fall of 2018 so they can expand their services, treat more patients and provide more training to the next generation of neurosurgeons.

Patients from around the globe already travel to Little Rock, Ark., for advanced neurosurgery care. Our team of five neurosurgeons, led by Dr. Ali Krisht, continually undertakes new research and technology to find the newest state-of-the-art treatments that bring the greatest quality of life back to our patients. They currently offer a comprehensive program incorporating all aspects of neurosurgery and is making a difference in national patient survival rates. Their patients’ three year survival rates for glioblastomas is 34% compared to the national average of 8.8%.

Learn more about the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute.