Exercise For Better Heart Health And Function

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For some people, putting on that gown becomes easier once they start putting on their workout clothes.

Josh Williams is one of those people. He has been going to D1 Sports Training since January.  

It wasn’t a new Year's resolution that got him into the gym. It was a photo of himself, and the raw, unforgiving number he saw on the scale.

“I weighed about 350 pounds,” Williams said.

To get to this point, he had to overcome a large dose of doubt.

“My biggest fear was walking into a gym and not knowing what to do where to start.”

But day one at D1 started not with weights, but with a talk.

“We really try to do a good assessment just to check for injuries and everything before they actually start training,” said Trisha with D1 Sports Training.

There was honest talk and a goal was set. This past March, after about 10 diligent weeks, Josh got his first sign he was getting healthier.

“About two or three months in my wife told me one day, she said, you're not snoring anymore,” said Williams.

It's the little things we notice that make us feel best. There's a term for it in workout land.

“Functional fitness. Being able to do things you do in everyday life without being injured,” Trisha said.

Dr. Randy Jordan, Chief Medical Officer at St. Vincent Heart Institute coincidentally also works out at D1.

“I give that sermon several times a day about uh the need to uh exercise and eat right,” Dr. Jordan said.

His sermon includes a passage about the need for resistance training even in older adults.

“The biggest cause of death when people become older and frail are falls, and one of the best ways to keep from falling is to strength train.”

With Josh, Dr. Jordan is preaching to the choir.  As he has gotten in shape, Josh is now more inclined to see his physician regularly.

“I actually need to go and get my physical in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully I'll get a good report there,” said Williams.

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