Hot Spring Village Hosts Breakfast with Orthopedic Specialist, Dr. Robert Olive

As seen in the Hot Springs Village Voice


Chef Johnna’s at the DeSoto Club provided the setting for a recent “Breakfast with the Doctor,” sponsored by CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs. The first in a series of dialogues, the subject was orthopedics, with Dr. Robert Olive Jr., an orthopedic specialist.

Dr. Olive discussed problems in the knees and hips, primarily related to arthritis, and available treatment options. He explained how osteoarthritis (OA) breaks down joint cartilage and causes irreversible damage. “The longer OA goes undiagnosed. it reduces your treatment options."

Treatment options include patient education, physical therapy, assistive devices, exercise and weight loss. “What’s great about living here in the Village is the natatorium, and water exercise is easiest on the joints. It’s an ideal place because you can choose water exercises, the elliptical or bicycle, anything that’s low impact and not pounding.“
Arthritis is also treated with medications, including acetaminophen, anti-inflammatories, topical creams and rubs and injections.

Surgical intervention is as varied as the pharmacological approach – debridement cleans out the joint, an osteotomy removes a wedge of bone near the arthritic joint and joint replacement is the final choice. Statistics show 950,000 Americans choose joint replacement and the number of candidates for the surgery is more than double that amount.

“I believe in trying everything possible before intervening surgically. Cortisone shots are a way many of my patients get relief and injections can be given as often as necessary or the patient decides it’s time for surgery because the pain becomes unbearable.“

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