Charlie Meabon Finds Life After a Heart Attack with the Help of Dr. John Colleran

As seen on KATV

Charlie Meabon had just returned from work when he was overcome with a terrific pain. His wife urged him to go to the hospital. There, they discovered the former football player and father - only in his early 30s - was having a heart attack.

"Charlie was critically ill when he arrived at the hospital," said Dr. John Colleran, an interventional cardiologist with CHI St. Vincent. "One of the main arteries to the bottom of the heart was completely closed up."

Charlie was given medication then underwent surgery to remove a blood clot and put in a stent.

"He's a young man for a heart attack, but nonetheless, young people do have them," Dr. Colleran said.

It's something Charlie never expected, but he says, looking back, there was one thing he shouldn't have ignored.

"I had a bad habit, and that was smoking," Charlie said. "I smoked for 19 years, and after having this heart attack, I stopped."

Charlie says it was the last time he smoked and, he says he's never felt better.

The average age for a heart attack for men is 66 years old, and it's 70 for women. But, it can happen at any age.

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