Depression Treatment Improves Philip Hargrave's Overall Health

Seeing your primary care physician is for every age group, body type and lifestyle. And your primary care physician is there for you for physical and emotional issues.

Dr. Mark Viegas has an appointment to see Philip Hargrave.

This one is a challenge because the patient has been dealing with depression.

“It affected my life quite a bit because I got to the point where a lot of days I couldn't get out of bed,” said Hargrave.

Up to 12 percent of men can have depression, so it's more common than you think.

And the depression intensified over Phillip's dilemma: who to turn to.

“Not able to go and get help was one of the hardest things about it,” said Hargrave.

But Philip's primary care physician, the man responsible for his physical health, also knew the resources that could restore mental stability.

“Well the long term treatment plan can include psychotherapy and medication,” said Dr. Viegas.

Negative emotions produce a chain reaction that can lead to stress and physical problems.

Phillip also developed a breathing problem, similar to asthma.

“At first it would start out when I ran, and then it was gradually getting worse.”

Dr. Viegas referred Philip to a pulmonologist who prescribed simple medication to correct the problem.

And the best sign of all that he has crossed the bridge to better health. He's running again. His regular checkups have gotten him back to exercising and spreading a message of empowerment.

“It's better to just go and see how things are rather than just waiting it out,” said Hargrave.

Running is the perfect accessory to a man who wears gowns.

There are over a dozen triggers that can bring on depression in men.

If you're concerned, go see your family doctor…because Real Men Wear Gowns.

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