Maternal Child Unit Brings Family Together

CHI St. Vincent has revamped its Maternal Child Unit. Instead of being separated on two floors, crews merged the unit into one floor.

The change makes it more convenient for mothers and their families.

Labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum services are now available in one spot.

"Patients like the fact they can stay in the room and don't have to move to another place. It's very convenient and right on the first floor of the hospital," says Jennifer Bowe, Interim Marketing Director.

With services all on one floor, now mothers don't have to move out of their birthing suites.

"It's good for bonding, for early breastfeeding. It's a benefit to the family," adds Bowe.

What's just as beneficial is the addition of the neonatal intensive care unit and neonatal rooms into the one floor concept. This allows mothers to be closer to their babies. Other improvements cater to families who stay overnight.

"We have 10 delivery suites as well as two OR suites and they're very large. We did make a suite so that if a family wants to stay in an adjacent room they can do that," Bowe explains.

The focus in the merger is to bring everyone in the family together.

"Years ago, dads didn't always stay in the delivery room. Now they do that and go into the C-section room if they want to, so it just enhances the whole bonding process for the entire family," she continues.

It's a labor of love that's providing mothers both comfort and access to the latest technology.