Regular Blood Pressure Check-Ups Keeps Farmer in the Field

'Real Men wear Gowns,' especially the ones who have realized that a doctor's office is never off limits.

In today’s Real Men Wear Gowns segment, Craig O'Neill introduces us to a man who is outstanding in his field. No literally, he is out standing in his field!

Kenneth Cole starts every day with going out into the fields and checking the herd. He has been doing this for a long time, and the only change in routine comes when he drives to town for that regular doctor visit.

He has also been doing this for a long time.

“It's probably been 20 years ago,” said Cole.

Stomach problems got him into the doctor, but they discovered something else that has kept him seeing the doctor regularly for two decades.

“In the course of all these doctor's visits and things, I found out I had high blood pressure.”

If left unchecked, high blood pressure can damage some pretty important organs like your

kidneys, eyes, brain and heart.

“I recommend that men that have high blood pressure get checked out at least twice a year.”

 Dr. Amy Bezhold has made a believer out of Kenneth. He represents a major triumph involving one large crop of Arkansas men.

“They're farmers and they are working very hard especially during harvest months and they don't believe they have time to come see a doctor.”

Men, think of it this way: “It's like getting your oil changed. If you get your oil changed on a regular basis, your car is going to last longer and run better. It's the same way with your body.”

Kenneth Cole may not think of himself as a role model, but after 20 years of paying attention, he is an example to all hard-working men.

“He's out on the farm now being able to continue his work his life even though he's reaching an older age now. It's a great thing.”

Almost every doctor we've heard from in this series has pointed out how high blood pressure has become a chronic health problem.

As Dr. Bezhold told us, chest pains, headaches and vision changes could be early signs. So, why wait? Real Men Wear Gowns.