Labor and Delivery


Our private birthing suites are equipped with the latest technology and comforts to ensure the safest labor and delivery possible. We provide a homelike environment where the mother and family can stay during labor, delivery and recovery. We encourage each mother to room in with their baby and bond. Visits by the pediatrician will take place in the birthing suite.

Visitor Policy

One labor coach and one visitor is allowed in room for labor and delivery. The visitor can change out after mom and baby are recovered. There can be a max of 3 visitors in the room at a time. Visitors must be 12 years or older. (Siblings allowed, but must be with the labor coach at all times.) Only one visitor during the night hours.



Labor and Delivery

Infant Security

We take the safety and security of the babies in our care very seriously. Our central electronic monitoring system keeps track of each infant in our care.

Premature Deliveries and Special Needs

Premature babies and emergency deliveries require specialized care that is best delivered in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). When a baby needs special care, the pediatrician will develop a family-centered treatment plan.


After delivery, the umbilical cord will be cut. Let us know if there is a preference for this. We generally do a 30-60 second delay. We honor the Golden Hour and place baby skin-to-skin immediately following until the completion of the first feeding. In addition to the baby being weighed, measured, vital signs being obtained and certain preventative medications given.

Breastfeeding Education and Support

We encourage you to breastfeed. We have many resources to utilize such as lactation consultants, educated hospital staff, pumps and nipple shields.

Through our lactation program, certified lactation consultants can provide support and education as well as access to breast pump rentals and sales to breastfeeding moms.

After the mother and baby are home, they may still come in to visit with our lactation consultants if more assistance is needed.

An appointment with the lactation consultant can be arranged by calling Lactation Services at 501.622.4559.


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