Family Planning and Pregnancy


Welcoming a new baby is a cause for celebration and joy! At CHI St. Vincent, our desire is to make your birthing experience pleasant and your stay here memorable. Preparing for your new addition is an important part of the childbirth journey.



Childbirth Classes


We offer classes for expectant mothers, coaches and siblings that focus on childbirth and child growth and development. Our classes cover childbirth, newborn care and what to expect when you go home.


Learn more about our childbirth classes.



Pregnancy Clinic


Our Pregnancy Clinic, part of our network of CHI St. Vincent Community Care, provides prenatal and obstetrical care for expectant mothers. We provide nutritional counseling, the services of a social worker and a financial counselor to help ensure every mother has a healthy pregnancy, as well as support and encouragement. Expectant mothers can enroll in Pals in Pregnancy, an educational program for pregnant women and their babies. Women participating in Pals in Pregnancy are rewarded with points that can be redeemed at our Stork Closet for diapers and wipes. The program is also offered in Spanish.


Things to Do Prior to Giving Birth


  • Choose a pediatrician 
  • Make sure you are registered at the hospital
  • Plan childcare arrangements for other siblings
  • Wash baby clothes and linens
  • Have your baby’s car seat installation inspected. To locate the nearest car seat safety check station, visit
  • Pack for your hospital stay


Suggested Items to Pack for Your Hospital Stay


Listed below are some recommended items to bring with you to the hospital for labor, delivery, and recovery:


  • Robe and slippers for walking in the hallways during your stay
  • Warm socks (not your best pair in case they get dirty)
  • Nursing bra if breastfeeding OR tight-fitting sports bra if not nursing (to suppress milk supply)
  • Going home outfits for mom and baby
  • Extra pillows 
  • Lip balm – you’ll be surprised how dry your lips may become from breathing during labor
  • Toiletry items like your toothbrush, toothpaste, and/or mouthwash, body wash and hair care products
  • Contact lens supplies and/or eyeglasses
  • Cosmetics
  • Baby book or anything else you would like footprints in/on
  • Baby blanket or swaddle
  • Infant car seat – INSTALLED and understand how to use and adjust
  • Phone charger




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