Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises and Bladder Training

Pelvic floor muscle trainingPelvic Floor Muscle Exercises

Learning how to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles can help reduce or stop urine leakage. Pelvic floor muscle exercises (PFME) are most helpful for women with mild to moderate urine leakage. Women with severe urine leakage often need more than exercises to improve. 
Like any other form of exercise, it is important to do PFME correctly and regularly. Unfortunately, because pelvic muscles are hidden from view, it is hard to know if you are doing them correctly. To be sure that you are working the right muscles: 

  • Imagine you are going to pass gas and squeeze the muscles that would prevent that gas from escaping from your rectum. Exercising the muscles around the rectum will also strengthen those around the vagina and under the bladder.


For more information and exercise tips download this PDF.