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CHI St. Vincent Launches New, Patient-Centered Podcast “A View From the Bed: A Patient’s Perspective” on Feb. 13

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – CHI St. Vincent, a leading regional health network serving Central and Southwest Arkansas, launched its first podcast, “A View From the Bed: A Patient’s Perspective,” on Tuesday, Feb. 13. Each episode explores one patient’s unique healthcare experience, offering insights from their individual health journey in a lively and uplifting conversation. The podcast is part of CHI St. Vincent’s broader mission to provide quality, accessible care for Arkansans.

“When it’s time for treatment, many patients often don’t know what to expect,” Bonnie Ward, CHI St. Vincent Market Director of Marketing and Communication, said. “From unexpected side effects to recovery, this podcast will explore a patient’s real-life healthcare experience, highlighting the good, the bad and the often undiscussed aspects of treatment. We’re excited to offer these individual stories as an invaluable source of support for listeners navigating their own healthcare journeys.”

Hosted by Ward, each episode takes listeners along a patient’s journey of healing through a candid conversation that explores rarely discussed topics surrounding specific health conditions. Listeners can expect honest, uplifting conversations about diagnosis, symptoms, side effects and treatments.

New episodes will debut on the second Tuesday of each month. The first two episodes are available beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 13, on all major platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, as well as CHI St. Vincent’s YouTube page. In the first episode, a patient discusses her bariatric surgery and subsequent weight loss. In the second episode, another patient discusses his experience after a basic heart screening revealed a serious heart condition that required triple bypass surgery.

To learn more about “A View From the Bed: A Patient’s Perspective,” or to get sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes content of episodes, visit the podcast page on the CHI St. Vincent website and click under the health and wellness tab.