Dr. Trace Garner is Monticello's First Cardiologist

Sep 22, 2017

As seen in My Monticello News

Monticello residents have always had to drive to another city to receive the cardiology care they needed. That's why Dr. Trace Garner has joined our Heart Institute and opened a Heart Clinic Arkansas practice at 366 South Main Street in Monticello.

“I am so excited to be able to serve the people of Monticello,” Garner said. “When I was first introduced to Monticello about 11 years ago, I knew this was the type of place I wanted to live and work. I was recruited here and it all fell in to place.”

Garner did not start out his career in medicine. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in English and Philosophy from Hendrix College in Conway. After a brief banking career, he moved back to Arkansas from Chicago and began studying at UA Little Rock where he was introduced to the field of medicine.

Garner says it is because of his upbringing and family that once he decided to pursue the medical field—and he knew right away that cardiology was the right field for him.

“My family was in Yell County, a very rural part of the state,” Garner noted. “I saw, even as a young person, that quality healthcare was hard to come by in those types of areas. I knew that I wanted to live in a small town and help provide good healthcare to people in these rural communities that haven’t previously had access."

Dr. Garner will be temporarily located at Drew Memorial Health System until a permanent office is located.

Call 870.412.4302 to make an appointment.

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