Routine Wellness Exam Saves Vic O'Neal's Heart

As seen on KTHV 11

Vic O'Neal scheduled an appointment with his doctor because he was diabetic, but on that first visit Dr. Kristi Sutton talked heart failure. “I didn't have a clue at the time that that was what was going on.”

She strongly urged him to get taken to the ER and after tests he got the shock of his life when the attending physician said he was dying of heart failure.

“My wife said, ‘how did you know there was something wrong with Vic?’ and she said well when he passed me by and I was standing at the nurse's station he was just huffing’ and puffin’ and she said I knew something was wrong.”

“He was he was definitely at risk for having a heart attack that would have caused very significant damage. That's why we try to get patients on a regular schedule,” said Dr. Sutton.

Since his heart surgery, Vic now sees Dr. Sutton every three months.

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Dr. Kristi Sutton
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