Stronger Together

The 2019 Coworker Campaign is a wonderful way to answer that call and continue our legacy of caring for the poor and vulnerable and providing excellent and compassionate care.


Donate Now

IFUN-22 Coworker Campaign- Digital Screens
Our People. Our Mission. Our Community.

Top Five Reasons To Give

  1. Answer the Call. For 130 years, our ministry has been serving the Poor and Vulnerable of Arkansas.
  2. Fund more coworker scholarships. More than 60 coworker scholarships were awarded this year.
  3. Help patients in need. Community clinics & programs offer services to those who can't afford healthcare.
  4. Help coworkers in need. The Coworker Sharing Fund helps those going through trying times.
  5. Support Growth. Our ministry is growing & your giving directly impacts that.

Ways to Honor 130 Years of Service

No gift is too small! That’s why we’ve highlighted some easy ways to breakdown your gift and really understand its contribution. Each person who contributes to this year’s Coworker Campaign will receive a Celebrate 130 t-shirt to reflect participation in our community of giving.

  • $1.15 per pay period for one year (26 pay periods) = $30
  • $5 per pay period for one year (26 pay periods) = $130
  • $50 per pay period for one year (26 pay periods) = $1300
  • $130 per month ($65 for 26 pay periods) = $1560
  • $130 per pay period (26 pay periods) = $3380