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Arkansas Health Network Saves Employer and Government Organizations More Than $14 Million in Healthcare Costs

The Arkansas Health Network (AHN) achieved $14,753,604 in healthcare savings for contracted organizations operating within the state during the most recent performance year. These savings positively impacted over 34,000 patients across three of AHN’s distinct programs: Medicare Shared Savings Program (an Accountable Care Organization), CHI St. Vincent Employee Health Plan and QualChoice Advantage. AHN was awarded $7,922,844 by both governmental and commercial payors in recognition of the total cost savings and quality improvements driven by the network.

AHN, the largest and most successful clinically integrated network serving Arkansas patients, providers and employers, achieved its successes by utilizing best practices including an engaged network of providers practicing evidence-based guidelines, multidisciplinary care management teams and the use of clinical and claims data to drive proactive patient outreach and focused quality improvement. Consistent application of these practices drive desirable outcomes including better health for patients, reduced health care costs and increased quality and experiences of care for patients and their families.

“With the rising cost of healthcare and the growing concern that poses for employers and patients across Arkansas, these savings make clear that strategic management of care can lead to both lower costs and a healthier workforce,” said AHN President Bob Sarkar. “In addition to leveraging technology to identify the areas of greatest need, we’re able to successfully implement a preventative, holistic approach to care that better addresses health concerns before they devolve into expensive, chronic and acute conditions.”

AHN has distinguished itself from other clinically integrated networks in the market with its sustained successes in value-based arrangements and innovative partnerships. AHN is the only Medicare Shared Savings Program based exclusively in Arkansas that has been financially rewarded three times. On the employer side, AHN has been successfully managing CHI St. Vincent’s Employee Health Plan for five years. In 2018, it was the only clinically integrated network within its multi-state parent company of CommonSpirit Health to be financially rewarded for its performance. Furthermore, based on the cost savings generated by AHN, CHI St. Vincent leadership made the significant decision that for 2020, it would apply a 0% increase to its employee health plan premiums.

AHN also established an industry-unique partnership with Arkansas Children’s Care Network (ACCN) in 2018 which offers Arkansas self-funded employers a unique healthcare delivery model that includes access to an enhanced network of more than 2,200 healthcare providers and care management which will serve the whole family, from birth to retirement. Working in coordination, the two physician-led, clinically integrated networks focus on identifying high risk patients and opportunities for cost and quality improvement such as switching from brand name to generic medication and ensuring health plan members receive appropriate preventative screenings each year. Then care management teams comprised of RN Health Coaches, Social Workers, RN Transition Coaches and Pharmacists interact directly with participants to help them better manage chronic diseases, overcome social barriers to care and assist patients after hospital or office visits to support adherence to treatment plans.

In 2020, AHN and ACCN have already been selected to bring their full model of care to Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s health plan in Central Arkansas and are currently in discussion with other employers, demonstrating that it is possible to improve employee wellness while reducing the growth of health plan costs to employers. Arkansas Health Network was also selected on October 10 to open a clinic at Port of Little Rock Industrial Park in partnership with CHI St. Vincent.

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