Why has CHI St. Vincent Infirmary received our 5th year in a row recognition as Arkansas’s best hospital?

There are a lots of reasons, but here are five to demonstrate why we’ve earned this distinction from U.S. News & World Report.

  1. Our coworkers – everyone benefits when an organization is a great place to work. We’ve created a culture of communication. From spotlight reports that capture coworker feedback and ideas for improvement to an array of recognition programs featuring how our teams demonstrate our values, the difference can be felt. Our coworkers love what they do and where they serve. [Check out our careers page.]
  2. Our physicians and medical providers – with a goal to be a great place to practice medicine, we are focused on helping our doctors be efficient and give the very best care. Our outcomes are proven by also achieving high-performance ratings in seven of the U.S. News categories, including all four of the cardiac areas, lung cancer surgery, and knee and hip replacement. As a point of reference, the next closest hospital achieved only three high-performing marks. [Find a doctor in our Medical Group.]
  3. Our patients – with a mission to serve, we strive to provide excellent and compassionate care. Our patient experience results (as surveyed by Hospital Compare) continue to get better and better, especially in our Emergency Room. Surgical patients, most notably those with cardiac and neurosurgery treatments, give high praise for outcomes and care received. 
  4. Our community – which includes the greater Little Rock area and points throughout the state. In fact, we help patients from all 75 counties. When a health issue is complex, we are the home to sub-specialty doctors who can take care of the most difficult medical challenges.
  5. Our mission – it’s what we do. Since 1888, when our founding sisters established this ministry, we’ve stayed true to helping those most in need. As we’ve grown to become so much more than hospitals and to focus on primary care, we stay true to our values of reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence. We’re blessed to serve and appreciate the trust our patients and community place in our team. [Learn about our history.]

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