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Nursing Clinical Advancement Program

The Nursing Clinical Advancement Program (NCAP) for the Registered Nurses of CHI St. Vincent Health System is a result of an identified need to recognize and differentiate exemplary professional nursing practice. The program is designed to attract nursing leaders at all levels that enhance our professional nursing practice environment. The program focuses on professional development and the behaviors a nurse must display to practice successfully in the CHI St. Vincent nursing environment. Integrated into the model design is an emphasis on clinical practice and the promotion of bedside education. The program sets the pace for clinical excellence and drives the highest-quality patient outcomes.

Program Goals

The goals of the Nursing Clinical Advancement Program are to recognize and promote clinical excellence that supports quality outcomes and patient safety; to acknowledge the contributions of our nursing staff to the dimensions of professional nursing practice; and to create a stimulating environment that provides opportunities to retain and attract expert nurses within CHI St. Vincent Health System.


The Nursing Clinical Advancement Program is administrated under the umbrella of the Patient Care Governing Congress; the decision making body of our Professional Nursing Shared Governance (PNSG) structure. The co chairs of the Patient Staff Education Council, one of the permanent councils of the PNSG structure, sit on the review panel that reviews the submissions of our professional nurses as they are considered for our program.

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