Nursing Pathway Program


With the demand for nurses on the rise across the state, CHI St. Vincent and UA Little Rock have partnered and launched a three-year initiative called the Pathway Program.

Now, students can earn a RN license and start working in the field in as little as 18 months. The best part is students in the Pathway Program will be awarded $2,500 per semester to help with tuition costs!

The program is set up to fund enrollment for 40 students per entrance cycle. The cost of tuition will be covered in a loan that will be erased after graduation and 24-months of training and work at CHI St. Vincent.


Candidate selection for the Pathway Program will be based on acceptance into the AAS-RN program.

Associated in Applied Science in Nursing Selection Criteria

  • GPA from required general education courses (minimum 2.6)
  • UA Little Rock cumulative GPA (minimum 2.0)
  • Grade in NURS 1300 (minimum 2.0)
  • Completion or planned completion of all required general education courses and NURS 1300 by the end of first spring semester

Pathway Program Requirements

  • Participation in a minimum number of CHI St. Vincent events/programs
  • Attend monthly meetings with the CEHP Student Success Coordinator
  • Participation in mentoring activities
  • Meeting with an advisor and/or tutor in the event of unsatisfactory test scores and/or performance in the clinical setting
  • Participate in training at one or more of CHI St. Vincent’s campuses
  • Submit an application for employment with CHI St. Vincent prior to graduation
  • Employment at CHI St. Vincent for a minimum of 24 months
Failure to adhere to the Pathway Program requirements will result in dismissal from the program and will initiate tuition repayment procedures outlined in the Financial Assistance Package section above.
Students must first apply to the AAS-RN program. Applications for all nursing program are accepted once a year. Once accepted into the nursing program, you may be eligible for the Pathways Program which accepts 40 applicants each year.


Application Deadline

The department begins accepting applications on January 5. The priority deadline for applications is February 28 for all students applying to the AAS-RN program. The first group of students will be accepted from this pool of applicants. The department continues to accept applications after the February 28 date and will admit additional students based on space availability.

Applicants who submit after the priority deadline run the risk of being waitlisted, so apply early!

For more information about the program or to apply, visit the UA Little Rock Department of Nursing.

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